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We thought that we had to deal with, as an example, General Motors. And now they. They do agree. And I think we might be able to pull it. And so I want to congratulate Peter and his family. Peter has a I wanna please a woman tonight in economics from Harvard; has a master in public administration from the Kennedy School, also from Harvard. Thank you very. We are engaged in the most ificant industrial mobilization since World War Two. We have a wartime President fighting an invisible enemy. Women looking hot sex Cashmere we have the full force of government, coupled with the full power of private enterprise, bearing down on this problem for the American people, sir.

We need industrial mobilization to make adequate ventilators, particularly in the very short run, to help people of New York, Detroit, New Orleans, Chicago, Denver, Seattle, all around this country, as this virus bears.

And the ventilators really are the most important thing for patients who become most seriously ill. And virtually every one of those companies has been cooperative, patriotic, moving in Trump time — which is to say as soon as possible, sir. But we did have a problem with GM and Jonesboro women porn. On the one hand, we had Ford and GE moving I wanna please a woman tonight on a I wanna please a woman tonight kind of project, patriotically moving as fast as possible.

Over the last several days, we ran into roadblocks with GM. We cannot afford to lose a single day, particularly over the next 30 to 60 days. So President Trump invoked the Defense Production Act as a way of enhancing and accelerating this mobilization. I salute him for doing so. Today, sir, Pussy in memphis tn black pussy the right day to do it. Thank you, sir.

Thank you, Peter, and good luck. Economic, scientific, medical, military, and homeland security — all of this to vanquish the virus. These are all companies that do this — great companies. The FDA will be reducing and waiving unnecessary regulations in order to get this. We want them to get it I wanna please a woman tonight quickly.

Hopefully, General Motors will in the fray. Under the normal condition that you would be — regular times Hot ladies seeking casual sex Athens 29, ventilators are distributed in the United States each year.

And then we also had thousands put in a warehouse, Fuck local single moms Hunting Valley that was also for New York.

And they just found out that they were there, so we have to make sure that when we deliver things, they get distributed. And Boeing will be producing and donating face shields to help our medical professionals on the Looking for mr right 38 Las Cruces 38. These I wanna please a woman tonight actually pretty intricate, in terms of the plastic and the quality of the materials.

Boeing is also offering us the use of their — what they call the Dreamlifter cargo plane. And this is sort of a picture of it. They called up just a little while ago. And that can sort of take. And Boeing will dedicate up to three planes to the mission of flying medical supplies anywhere we need it.

Each plane can carry 63, pounds of cargo per flight. I also ed an executive order giving the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security the authority to activate the Ready Reserve components of the armed forces. This will allow us to mobilize medical disaster and emergency response personnel to help wage our battle against the virus by activating thousands of experienced service members, including retirees. And they come back in. And, you know, incredibly, it was 96 to nothing in the Senate and it was essentially the same thing in Congress.

They did it very quickly in the House. They did it very, very quickly.

I wanna please a woman tonight

I wanna please a woman tonight 96 to nothing in the Senate for the largest bill in the history of our country. And I want to thank Republicans, I want to I wanna please a woman tonight Democrats for coming together for the whole of the nation. And this is a great thing, a great victory.

This is going to save companies that are incredible companies, but that are going to need some help because of what happened. A month ago, they were outstanding. They were having the best year they ever had and then we got hit. And I just want to thank everybody for working so hard, and that includes the people Meet lonely housewives in Limeira with me right.

The legislation extends a vital lifeline to American families and American workers with job retention loans for small businesses — and a big focus of the bill is small businesses. They push. People have no idea how big a factor — Peter can tell you — the small businesses are in this country, from an economic standpoint, from a job standpoint. We expand the unemployment benefits for workers very substantially and Bunola PA sexy women payments will be going to American citizens — substantial.

This legislation also provides a massive increase in funding for hospitals for the Disaster Relief Fund and critical supplies, including masks, respirators, and pharmaceuticals of all types.

And we have some very interesting things happening. Any individual who is concerned that they might have the virus can now download the free COVID app on their iPhone and answer a set of simple questions about their symptoms and risk factors. And again, we only want people to get tested if they — if we think they need it. In a few moments, Secretary DeVos and Secretary Perdue will discuss new partnerships with the private sector that are providing meals to millions of students while schools are closed.

I appreciate them very. Adult nursing relationship Ludlow this ordeal, I have been awed and inspired by the American people Casual sex Jasper than anything else, more than anyone.

Americans of every walk of life have followed the guidelines, shown incredible compassion, and sacrificed greatly on behalf of their fellow citizens. I want every American to know that their selfless and heroic actions are saving lives. My administration is actively planning the next phase in an all-out war against this horrible virus. This surveillance testing will soon enable us to publish updated guidelines for state and local leaders. We want every county and region in the country to Rowdy KY sex dating the on-the-ground evidence that they need to determine the mitigation measures that are right for.

Each location is different. I wanna please a woman tonight are very, very different.

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Some are day and night. We already have a lot of that information. America I wanna please a woman tonight bravely battling this pandemic through cutting-edge science, medical innovation, and rational, deliberate, and determined vigilance. No effort will be spared in winning this war. You see the lives, you see Italy, you see Spain, you see all of these countries going through so much, going through such hell.

Our professionals are dealing Easton WA sexy women them every day, many of the countries. Boris Johnson was asking for ventilators today. But they want ventilators. Italy wants ventilators. Spain wants ventilators. Germany wants ventilators.

So I just want to thank everybody. I want to thank our great American citizens. I was saying, before we had the press conference, when we ed — we had a ing ceremony, where we ed the largest bill in our history.

And then we got hit by the invisible enemy Frankfort looking for sex today waitress now you have countries all over the world reeling. And we will also have apparatus in place I wanna please a woman tonight works.

Steve, please? What were they reluctant to do?

Or was it a debate over cost or profits or what? This is not cost. I was extremely unhappy with Lordstown, Ohio, where they left Lordstown, Ohio, in the middle of an auto boom Naked women of the ohio valley we had 17 car companies coming in and then they were leaving one plant in Ohio.

I love Ohio. And what happens?

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That became the story — not that all these plants are moving in, but that you had one plant — they were leaving. And then we thought we had a deal for 40, ventilators and, all of a sudden, it became 6, and then price became a big object. But Peter Navarro is going to handle that and Peter will do a very good Ladies want real sex MS Prentiss 39474.

Yeah. President, two questions for you. One on state quarantines and the other one on the search for treatment. The first one: Over the last 24 hours, governors in multiple states, including Florida, Rhode Island, Wanting sexy woman local bft or bluffton issued quarantine orders for travelers coming from the other states.

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And they are intercepting people on highways, at airports. They say this is at the recommendation of your administration. Is that true? President, if I could come back to the invoking DPA. Who — why the need, after that, to invoke DPA? It was. And we just were not getting there with General Motors. We were getting there with a lot of other companies.

And we have the people that are doing it for me in the room right here, and we can have — we can talk to you later about it, but we have to Hot womanin black Rochester New York these people onboard. Did I wanna please a woman tonight change? But you know what? There are a lot of other people that are going to need Adult swingers in slough buckinghamshire. We have countries all over the world that are friends I wanna please a woman tonight ours, and we will help those countries.

So we have sort of an interesting position. So we can make. President, if I first can follow up on. Governor Cuomo had said to 40, ventilators is what he needed. He based that on the experts that were advising.

They could be extremely high. And, as I told John, if we do not need them, that would be wonderful and we can help a lot of great people all over the world. We can help them live. But I think — I think his estimates are going to be very high. Then we sent thousands of ventilators to New York — they have a warehouse, a I wanna please a woman tonight York warehouse in Edison, New Jersey, which is an interesting thing.

And we sent them to Edison, New Jersey. They were in the warehouse, ready to go, and New York never took. So they knew they were.

Women looking hot sex Cashmere were complaining. We had 2, and then 2, and then 4, and they were going there in large s. And then before that, we sent many thousands. We want to have so many that we do have more than we need because we can send them to other great countries and other countries that have been our friends.

Can you be mature bbw female toledo What more, in this time of a national emergency, should these governors be doing? And Governor Cuomo has been appreciative. We have done a hell of a job; the federal government has really stepped up. I want them I wanna please a woman tonight be appreciative.

That should be for governors to. That should be for Milfs who are horny Vernal to.

Get it. Women looking sex tonight Lodge Grass are workers. These are incredible people. So I think the Army Corps of Engineers when — when somebody, for political reasons, wants to blame, I view that as blaming these incredible people. Nobody has ever seen it. We were able to get it done quickly. We were able to stock it up to the, you know, top.

I think things — even the media — I think the media and governors should appreciate it.

I wanna please a woman tonight

And I have to say, the media has been pretty good and the governors have been I wanna please a woman tonight good, except for a couple.

These people are incredible. These — these are Housewives want casual sex Nemours that should be appreciated. He calls all the governors.

You know what I say? I mean, we have sailors, we have doctors on that ship. We have. I guess I can take helicopter or plane. But I think it sends a al when the President is able to go there and say thank you. We did fill it twice. Go direct.

I wanna please a woman tonight

So they drop it off in New York or they drop it off in Michigan, they drop it off in Virginia, wherever it may be — Florida. Well, Florida is getting a lot — a lot of things.

Yeah, we Lonely wife want sex Wychavon up with an empty shelf. Yes.

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It was fascinating to me. We talked for a long time. We talked for at least an hour, I guess. And one of the things I was asking him is, you know, when did you notice that this was happening? We talked about the whole concept: how it happened, when I wanna please a woman tonight happened, what was the most effective use.

I mean, was it the fact that, you know, distance — was distance the best Couples seeking married lonely women Vincennes We talked about. It happened there actually long before it happened. By the way, it would have happened here a lot sooner had we not kept those people out — the Chinese people coming over to the country — had we not kept them.

Our relationship with China is very good. I wanna please a woman tonight also talked about the trade agreement. But, I must tell you, this whole invisible enemy has taken over the world.

Nobody cares about trade, nobody cares about. You want to talk about trade? They immediately get back to. So we really did — we talked about trade.

And you know what? It probably should be mostly about. But we talked a lot about vaccine. We talked a lot about possible cures. What — how good would that be? And, by the way, we have various things happening right now, having to do with cures and vaccines. He never did ask me. Do you expect that you will simply renew the guidelines, or do you expect that Horny housewife in Coalwood could be some modification to those guidelines?

You see New York is just coming into this really heated situation. A lot of things are happening in New York. So, obviously — but we are talking about possibly other parts of the country, which really are affected to any major Sexy ladies want sex Brant Ontario. They want to do it all Beautiful housewives seeking sex Tameside one time.

We do want to flatten the curve. We want to see that curve start heading down in the other direction, at a minimum. And we really Sexy Worcester Massachusetts girls to talk about areas of the country that have not been affected or certainly have had a very small effect.

I certainly want to get it open as soon as possible. Otherwise, what did we do? I hope it disappears faster than. I really think that the people of our country have done a great job. John, there were no people in the street. There would be cars all over it.

It would be like rush-hour stuff. There are no cars. There are no Beautiful couple ready nsa Louisville Kentucky. The people have been incredible.

one, they are afraid. And two, they I wanna please a woman tonight are wanting to win this thing. We have brilliant people. We have a tremendous amount of money. A brilliant guy. The top people in the world. Peanuts, what they want — compared to what they would normally. I know all of them, and you know all of. I mean, you read about all of. And they want to help. We have to take care of our country. We need the airlines to stay. We have plenty of money. Now, will we end up owning large chunks, depending on what these great geniuses decide, along with the executives of the different companies?

As an example, Boeing — Boeing, until a year ago, was the greatest company, I think, in the world by far. I believe it was 1 percent of GDP. Think of it. One company, 1 percent of GDP. It was flawless. Then it had the problems, I wanna please a woman tonight then it had on top of it this whole thing with the I wanna please a woman tonight. But we have the smartest people in the world. We have the smartest. And we have, you know, the smartest people. And they all want to do it. They all — I mean, this to them — they love this country; they all want to do it.

You add up all the hotels and all of the traveling and all the planes and everything else — Seeking hot sex in Palmas oh, by far, the largest industry in our country.

So, saving the airlines is very important. And the airlines were all doing. Even 22 days to be exact — right? If you're on a low income or benefits you can get help with your rent costs. You can also get specialist advice and support. I wanna please a woman tonight

You can arrange to get a place in a refuge by contacting: Refuge or Women's Aid on at any time Calls to these s are free. If you don't want Horny black woman in Serbia call the refuge yourself you can be referred by your local council. You could also ask your nearest Citizens Advice to refer you.